EA – Star Wars, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst and apparently sports.

Electronic Arts, more like Electronic Farts, amiright? DICE completely owned it at this years EA conference with both Star Wars and Mirror’s Edge. The hype train has been set a blaze for months with these games but most people were still skeptical over them due to EA being… well… EA. But as we saw from the  of those trailers, these games will be amazing!


Mirror’s Edge Catalyst has improved on the original and may even surpass it, with the removal of guns for Faith to use and the fact they showed off the narrative of the game, rather than just showing off the obvious graphic porn of this game. (Which they could of just done and gotten away with).


It also has an addition of free roam, which could open the door to timed events across the map.

Scott fanned to the point of crying. (nearly)


Now. Star Wars Battlefront.

Graphics were great, but skeptical of pre-alpha look.
It’s hard to talk about Battlefront as it speaks for itself. It’s Battlefront. EVERYONE LOVES IT AND IT’S HARD TO DISCUSS.

Also… sports.

(I am the best Video Game Journalist.)

Now if you excuse me I’ve been on two coaches today on 3 hours sleep and I have more E3 to blog. See you soon!





Same deal as yesterday with Bethesda’s conference. This whole post, barring this bit up here, is written live alongside the panel itself.



Starting off with a video showing off some Xbox Exclusives, not sure if this means each one is a confirmed title, I can see Halo, Tomb Raider, Gears of War and Fable in there. Most have got new titles confirmed with a GOW Remastered currently rumoured.

The briefing is now starting


343 Industries boss Bonnie Ross is on stage. The assumption has to be it’ll be Halo up first.

1 minute later and that’s confirmed. Bonnie said “Master Chief”, one guy in the audience wooped. They’re now playing a trailer for Halo 5, looks to be a story trailer. Followed by a short campaign demo.

The ODST are back! Nathan Fillion, returning as Buck, looks to have an expanded role as part of Locke’s squad in the game. Seems you’ll be with a team of 3 other Spartans when you play through Locke’s side of the campaign. I’m happy to see Buck back, ODST was one of my favourite Halo games, seems he’s now been upgraded to Spartan.

It appears Locke can issue commands to his team of Spartans.

New enemy types have been shown. They look like the Forerunners crossed with Jackals.

Snippets of Campaign Gameplay is now being shown, looks all pretty exciting. I’m interested to see how the split narrative of this title will work out.

Another 343 guy is on stage, didn’t catch his name. Confirmed that Master Chief will also have his own squad of Spartans. The single player campaign will bleed through into the multiplayer.

They’re currently showing a trailer for a mode called Warzone. Seems to a huge PVP arena, bigger than Big Team Battle, but with added obstacles such as AI grunts.


A world exclusive trailer. Seems to be based around gaining cores and placing them into technology. Looks actually pretty fucking cool.

Phil Spencer is now on stage talking about it. He’s mentioned the studio making it and is now just hyping up the future of Xbox.


Spencer has now confirmed that they have made it available for you to play your Xbox 360 games on your Xbox One.
They’re currently showing a live demo of a Tech Head playing Mass Effect. You can play with 360 players from your Xbox One.
You won’t be charged to play games that you already own. Just put in the disk, download the game and it’s yours to keep.

I think Microsoft is sticking it to Sony pretty early


Guess this is one for the pros. A controller designed around precision, it’s customisable as well with components that can be swapped out to suit the player


Todd Howard is back, bringing more hype

Gameplay footage of Fallout 4 on Xbox One, looks like it’s just a cut of what was shown yesterday. Seems to be a new character, as this one is called Phil and not Howard.

Audience is not as hyped for the dog as yesterday’s crowd

Further in and this is definitely new footage. Showing off some weapons, the Laser Musket

Showing off some power armor gameplay. This crowd still isn’t hyped.

Mods on PC are confirmed to be playable on the Xbox One version of Fallout 4


Those dickbags are up. Peter Moore is up talking about EA Access. Early Access for all upcoming EA games if you are a member. Titanfall is being put onto the EA Access vault, a huge backlog of games at no extra cost. Dragon Age Inquisition is being added later in the year.

For the week of E3, the EA Access vault will be free to all Xbox Live Gold Members


Thank you Peter, you can leave now. This is all I need. I’m already regretting not buying a fucking Xbox One.

Pretty funny trailer.

Forza 6

They just put a Ford GT on stage. I literally could not care less about this moment. Ford’s partnership lets them put the GT into Forza apparently. OK


I don’t know shit about Dark Souls, so all of this is lost on me. I remember Funhaus reported on this game though. So it’s pretty cool they get a win after the shit they got for the Silent Hills rumor


After they dropped the ball on Watch_Dogs, I’m extremely worried about this. The title has so much promise and it’s debut trailer was incredible. This seems to be a story trailer

Laurent Detoc from Ubisoft is now on stage. The Division will have an Xbox Exclusive Beta in December


Rainbow Six one and two will be free with Rainbow Six Siege, thanks backwards compatibility. Trailer for Siege is now being shown. Seems to be showing off the level of teamwork needed for this title.


Cute little trailer up for showing off the characters. Showing off some game features, looks to be a MOBA style game. Is confirmed free to play for Windows 10 and Xbox One


It’s moving too fast for me to keep track, but I spotted Cuphead in there, which looked very interesting last year. Also Superhot which looks extremely interesting as well. They’re now talking to some developers to showcase games that weren’t in the trailer. All of them are Xbox One Exclusive


Seems to be set in an abandoned space station, just you and an AI. Quite Alien Isolation-esque


Open world game, interesting art style. You have to be careful who you choose to trust. He what seems to be a Legend of Zelda style gameplay to it, in terms of exploration. Looks very interesting.


You play as a blind girl, it’s a story of hope and embracing the challenges life throws at you. Your character visualises the world around her through her other senses, such as hearing and touch. The world builds up around sounds you hear and things you feel.


Imagine Mickey Mouse, but he has a Cup for a head. Stylised like a 1930s Disney cartoon. Very interesting actually. Plays with the precision of a modern platformer but with some retro twists thrown in.


Basically Steam Early Access for Xbox One. You can have a free trial of games still in active development by Indie Devs then choose whether to buy the game or leave it as see how far it goes later in development.


Creator of DayZ is up to present his new IP. A sim about life in space? I can’t quite follow his voice. I think he said it was an MMO. It’s not meant to be a game? I’m unsure what the fuck this guy is talking about.


World premiere gameplay. I played a bit of the original, this looks just as beautiful as that did. We start off with Lara in a snowy cave with a flare. She’s on a mountain. Pretty high up. Nice view from there. There’s snow and stuff.

If this is in game then colour me impressed because the hair animation is amazing. Very thrilling set piece as well. I’d say I’m getting some Uncharted vibes but…well Lara Croft is the original Nathan Drake


30 Games for $30. A huge collections of old Rare games. Damn that’s a good deal. Perfect Dark, Banjo- Kazooie and more are in there.


The most ambitious game Rare has ever created. Claims all footage is real time. Shared open world I believe was mentioned. Very colourful. Almost cel-shaded. Seems like it might have pirates judging by the music and tropical location. Also the pirate ship is a dead giveaway.

I guess you can get together a crew and go treasure hunting as a pirate. You can fight other pirate ships using your cannons


Pretty sure this isn’t a world exclusive. I thought this was already known about. It will be free to play on Windows 10 and Xbox One. You can transfer your save and items and unlocks between the Windows and Xbox One version.


Microsoft will be working with Valve to create VR gaming for Windows 10. Oculus Rift will come with Xbox One controllers and you can stream Xbox One games to the Oculus


Lidia Winters, brand director of Mojang, is on stage talking about Minecraft. On July 4th and 5th in London will be Minecon and will be their biggest celebration yet.

They’re now live demoing a version of Minecraft built specifically for Hololens. You can dynamically place the screen wherever you want. This is actually incredible. They’re using a specal camera to show the virtual reality to the audience. I have no words describe this. They moved the screen from the wall, to the table


Gears of War 1 rebuilt and repurposed, in 1080p and 60FPS. Free weeklong multiplayer beta. For Xbox One. New modes and stuff included.


New GOW game. Male and female protagonist. They seem to be hinting someone through a ruined castle by the look of it. A huge storm is heading at them. The weather and destruction physics look incredible. I like that the game isn’t showing us what they’re chasing. Seems pretty cool, nice bit of suspense in there.

Doesn’t look to be a Locust. Looks like an entirely new kind of creature. I’m kind of excited for it. Seems the game will just be called Gears 4.


The Goddamn fucking man with a plan is back. He’s hyping the Xbox Exclusives that are coming up.

Damn, Microsoft have nailed this. I’m pretty worried for Sony’s conference. Phil just confirmed that a new UI is coming up for Xbox One as well and teased some more surprises for E3 week

They’re playing out with a trailer some highlights from today.

Conference is finished



Bethesda-LogoIt’s 4 in the morning, I’m tired, so I hate the world and I’m trying to get this done before I collapse from exhaustion/die a horrible dying based death.

Here’s a round-up of stuff that happened with Bethesda’s conference that for some reason happened at this ungodly hour. This is written as I was watching. So some parts may be confusing.


We start off with a pretty cool video of some Bethesda dev/employees hyping up and talking about their jobs. That’s pretty cool. Then we got some random gameplay footage set to “Tick, Tick, Boom” by The Hives.

Vice President Pete Hines has taken the stage, the Dragonborn theme from Skyrim plays out to introduce him. Badass moment.

He’s just talking about how excited everyone is to show what they have with them tonight.



Doom is confirmed to be using ID Software’s engine, which is pretty damn good.

ID Software’s Executive Producer Marty Stratton is on stage to present.

He’s talking about how Doom revolutionised first person shooters, how combat and gunplay influenced the industry.

Trailer is up for the game. Crowd is hyped. I’m mildly interested. I’ve never played Doom.

From the trailer, this game looks beautiful, it’s set in an abandoned facility on Mars, the trailer is showing off some pretty awesome and violent gameplay. A lot of melee finishers that weren’t originally present in the series. They seem to be going down well with the crowd though. Like I said, I haven’t played Doom, so the hype is lost on me.

The dude in the trailer just picked up a shotgun and blew a dude to pieces. I’m now hyped. Even with the new graphics and mechanics the game has an unarguably nostalgic feeling. It feels classic. Hopefully this game gets the same love and treatment Wolfenstein: The New Order did. Because as someone who never played Doom, I am excited to play this. It seems to be a very fluid game, I’m thinking this kind of non stop movement is a staple of the series. I feel bad being such an outsider to the whole thing that I can’t describe what I’m seeing.

Also this dude just picked up a chainsaw and the crowd is pretty hyped about that too. It’s definitely a fan pleaser so far. These melee finishers though. The fuck bro? Just tore a guy’s leg off and smashed their head in with it!


They’re now talking about all of the multiplayer modes for Doom. Arena style shooter, not sure if the previous games had multiplayer, but guess it’s going to very reminiscent of that.


Anyone, regardless of platform, can create content and game modes to instantly upload them to share with others. Called the DOOM SNAPMAP. Allows players of any skill to create maps and stages of insane complexity, but with a simple interface. Very interesting and promising. I’ve always loved content creators, I spent an unhealthy amount of time in forge on Halo 4 so I’m excited to see what comes of this.

To round off the Doom talk they’re showing footage from one more campaign level.


Seriously, they’re so fucking hyped. I love this.

Hines is back on stage talking about mod support with Bethesda.


Hines just announced a platform for which all mod content/snapmap content will be hosted. Plenty of forums and content.



Video introducing Battlecry global beta, sign up before June 18th for priority access.

Another video showing how far the game has developed in the last year. Third person melee combat. Actually looks very interesting, I remember watching the initial CG trailer so all of this is new to me. It’s violent, as is expected from Bethesda



Co-creative directors of Arkane Studios are on stage, the studio behind Dishonored. Probably a Dishonored 2 announcement.

Trailer is playing now.

Corvo’s mask is floating through some water, it’s definitely Dishonored 2.

Appears the game has a female protagonist this time around.

The game seems to be set further forward in the future, a bunch of steampunk General Grievous’s are running all around the place.

Again, I don’t feel the amazing hype because I never got into Dishonored. This looks interesting though. There are two playable characters. Corvo and Emily Coldwin. Both have different abilities and different playstyles.

Also! Dishonored Remaster confirmed. Dishonored Definitive Edition for Xbox One and PS4.



Just a small hype video, showing off some future content that will be coming to the game. Seems to be plenty coming in the future to keep gamers busy


An IOS and Android strategy card game set within the lore of The Elder Scrolls. I guess kind of like Hearthstone? The crowd actually seemed pretty hyped for this one.

Quick side note, Pete Hines looks kind of like Robert Downey Jr.

Oh Pete, faking out the ending, to hype up a little Fallout 4. This is going to be the best caps lock and bold combination I will ever write in a blog post.



Bethesda Game Studios director Todd Howard is on stage for Fallout 4. Some cosplayers are crying, I’m crying. Help. I’m dead.

OK I’m not dead. But you know, I am hyped.

Whenever they mention that the panel is streaming online the audience seems to explode. Odd.

Todd is kind of just warbling on right now. TODD PLAY THE FUCKING DEMO.

Fun fact: Fallout 4 has been in development since Fallout 3 was released.

Todd is still hyping. I love and hate him.

He’s currently talking about the art direction and attention to detail within the games universe. Some concept art is being shown. The locations look amazing, I think I saw a beach and a lighthouse and a zombie pirate? Hopefully this game will satisfy the hunger for Post-Apocalyptic worlds that Mad Max Fury Road left me with.

Todd is now talking about Fallout 4’s opening. The games intro is confirmed to take place before the world went to shit.

Character has a voice, confirmed. You customise your character by looking in the mirror at the start of the game. You choose between the husband or wife of a couple. It looks amazing. Whichever character you leave the menu as is the gender you play as. You can also customise the family member you don’t play as. Your baby will be generated based on the both of you.

Has something of a Mass Effect feel. Dialogue selection similar to that. I’m actually behind the idea of the character having a voice. It adds some humor and personality to it and I can only imagine how the narrative will work from here. Also fun fact. Your home keeping robot is able to actually say your name. Bethesda recorded dialogue of over 100 of the most popular names in the world. If your name is on the list when you name your character, you will be named.

I like the dashes of humor present so far. The colour of the game as well is beautiful. It’s not dreary and washed out like most Post Apoc media. Very colourful.

I think Troy Baker might be the main character’s voice. Something sounds a little off though so I’m not 100% sure it’s him. The game seems to be matching up so far with a huge leak that happened last year and most people assumed was fake.

Also, they just found a dog and the crowd is even more hyped. Your dog can be given commands and bring you distant objects.


VATS has returned, so have mole rats. One of those things is good, the other is bad. The game looks like the standard Fallout affair, menus have been streamlined, graphics and performance improved. I’m hoping that there’s a sprint button in here somewhere.

The trailer is showing off some of the locals you’ll visit in game. It all looks beautiful and amazingly varied.

Apparently we are done according to Todd. Now we’re moving on the cool stuff.

A newly designed PipBoy is being shown. The  interface is much more animated. Layered armor system. You have holotapes you can listen too. Also some of the holotapes are little games you can play on the PipBoy that are referencing classic games.


Collector’s Edition is confirmed to have a real life PipBoy that you can place your smart phone into and an app that acts as your PipBoy. It’s a second screen experience. Todd has just lamented about how stupid and gimmicky second screen experiences are but claims his is ‘The best fucking one he’s ever seen”. The app will still work on phones even without the PipBoy attachment.


Fallout Shelter. You create your own Vault, acting as the Overseer. It’s a stylised game. Inspired by stuff like Lemmings, Xcom, FTL I think a little bit of This War Of Mine is in there. You care for a Vault as Overseer, managing people inside your Vault, sending them out to gather resources and materials to help build bigger vaults and better rooms to train your people to do better and gain more resources. Actually looks pretty cool. It’s a Post Apocalyptic Sims. It will be free, no paywalls, no timeouts. Some micro-transactions, if you want to use them. You don’t need an internet connection, it’s releasing tonight. Probably right now. Get it.


I love all caps.


Todd is now talking about crafting in game. You can scrap items in the world for materials and then build something new from it all. Like new buildings and shelters. They want you to make Fallout 4 your own experience, build the world as your want it too. You can build a settlement to attract more people and even traders who have the best items in game to sell. You can tweak features using power lines and terminals. You can program and build defenses to protect your settlement from Raiders and Bandits.

There are several locations where you can build up settlements and you can even set up Brahman Caravans to trade between your settlements.

You can now build up weapon attachments and equipment using various items you find in world. Now all that useless junk you pick up has a use as it can be repurposed to create weapon modifications. Like Saw blades on a baseball bat!

There’s an amazing amount of combinations it seems.

You can even modify your own power armor!


Thank you based Bethesda. I’m now in love with Todd Howard.


Gameplay footage, showing some of the fun you can have in game and how guns and weapons work. Power armor now isn’t just armor, it seems to be a mech you can walk in. You can hitch a ride in a helicopter, have a jet pack. The stuff in this game is insane. It’s moving too fast for me to even type. I’m so hyped for this.



The talk seems to be drawing to a close.


Everyone in the audience has been given a set of three figures, exclusive I’m guessing, to thank them for being fans and to commemorate the event. The’re giving them away on the Post Show. I’m too tired to compete. It’s 4:23.

Peace out.





Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor Review

Shadow of Mordor is proof that games don’t have to be entirely original to be great. It’s a game set in the world of Lord of the Rings, it’s combat mechanics, stealth and upgrade system are pretty much lifted straight out of the recent Batman games and the platforming and mission structure are streamlined versions of those see in Assassin’s Creed, but it manages to add it’s own spin on those conventions and add some of it’s own to justify itself not only as a valid game, but a good one at that.

In Shadow of  Mordor you play Talion, a ranger guarding the black gate during the period between The Hobbit and The Fellowship of the Ring where Sauron has begun gathering his armies. Shortly after being introduced, Talion is ritually sacrificed by The Black Hand, Sauron’s highest ranked Lieutenant. Because of the way he was killed, Talion is “Banished from Death”, and his soul is tied to a mysterious elven wraith who has ties to Sauron that are gradually revealed over the course of the game. The story isn’t exactly insightful in terms of lore and it’s final act is over way too quickly compared to the rest of the game’s pacing, but it makes sense and uses enough elements of Middle Earth, including Gollum and Saruman, to be engaging enough to be your motivation over the 15-20 hours it’ll take to finish the main story.

The way Mordor is presented is also interesting, giving an insight into a Pre-Sauron Mordor that’s surprisingly beautiful, with a generous and appreciated amount of green showing up during the game’s second act, but the world of Mordor is brought to life more by it’s characters than it’s visuals, specifically the Uruk army that populates the region, these minions of the Dark Lord will be constantly at odds with not only you, but each other, as they are only able to boost their status by taking on captains of higher ranks in power struggles. This means that the enemy army is constantly shifting, allowing an insignificant grunt that got lucky and managed to kill you ending up as one of the five warchiefs who lead the Horde. This is one of Mordor’s greatest selling points as it is not only interesting to watch, it also becomes fun to play with later on in the story when you are able to take control of the captains and command them to do your bidding.

Every Uruk is also personalised by a randomly selected name (my favourite being “Ushbaka Giggles”) and a set of Strengths and Weaknesses that you can manipulate to achieve success, making almost every encounter feel unique. The fights with each captain are given a bit of flair with a personalised introduction before the battle begins, with you and the captain clashing swords and exchanging threats, or if you’ve encountered them before and either fled or been defeated by them, they’ll mention it, sometimes even having scars that you’ve given them.

Gameplay wise, Shadow of Mordor takes elements of the recent Batman games and Assassin’s Creed and adds tension by making it a lot easier to be overwhelmed by enemies, there are encounters early on in the game when it becomes obvious that you won’t be able to take on large groups of enemies without upgrading your skills first, and you’ll have no choice but to run, and by the end you become almost over powered but you’re still able to get your ass handed to you if you’re not careful.

Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor is a game that builds on tried-and-tested conventions to bring something new to the table and is one of the best surprises in gaming this year. Whether you’re a Tolkien fan or a fan of open world games, it’s definitely a must buy.

Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor Review was originally published on The Geek Centre


Okay I know I’m going to ramble on if I don’t control myself here, so I’m going to try and just stick to the points. Oh, who am I kidding, that’s never going to happen.

This game is the best game ever and here’s why:

1) Perfect Hype – Bungie really did a good job with the hype on this game, they only said that they were making a game, that was literally it for months, just casual updates on social media about how they were making a new IP, which in all fairness, doesn’t leave much room for hype, but leaves enough for intrigue. Which was a smart move. However, then at E3, all of a sudden, “DESTINY DESTINY DESTINY HOLY CRAP THIS GAME’S AWESOME LOOK AT THE GRAPHICS AND THE GAMEPLAY” and then of course everyone prepared themselves for “Now this amazing game we’ve just promised will be out in 2016″ or some crap like that so that it would be really overhyped, but then Bungie were like “SEPTEMBER MOTHERFUCKERS” (I may have added that last part) leaving only a few months until the full game is released, accompanied by the promise of an open beta. Holy crap.

2) The best of all 103928 worlds – Genuinely, this game has an absolutely beautiful mixture of pretty much every single genre of video games in popular culture, I mean damn, it’s got an MMO element, but it’s not so massive that the game becomes a massive waiting simulator which occasionally spews out the same quests over and over again like a pizza making machine that seems to have forgotten that there are more flavours other than Margarita (echem, WoW) It is a First Person Shooter, but not like any other I’ve seen, it’s not just your average gun slinging shoot ‘em up like most FPS’ these days, it has an entire host of different abilities and equipment you can put to use, I guess what I’m trying to say is that the combat isn’t focused entirely around who’s got the biggest gun. Which then brings me onto the next genre it combines, RPG, it has a choice of 3 different races to play as, the Humans, the Awoken and the EXO. Within those races you can choose between 3 different classes, the Titan; the tank of the team. Best trained in heavy weapons with a bucket load of other abilities behind it. The Hunter, the assassin of the team. Trained in long range weapons and close up combat including incredible melee moves and incredible skills with handguns and revolvers. Then finally my personal favourite and class I will be playing, the Warlock, the classic mage character that knows a host of magical powers and abilities all of which can be used to increase your damage output, defense and can also heal and help out the team around you. Of course it’s got Sci-Fi, because, well, it’s on different planets and shit.

3) It has the perfect mixture of some of the best games ever made. When I play this game I honestly feel like I’m playing a beautiful mixture of so many of my favourite games. The looting, the 4 player co-op element and the massive amount of different weapons makes me feel like I’m playing Borderlands (my all time favourite RPG). The first person gunplay and natural setting of the game makes me feel like I’m playing Halo Reach (One of my all time favourite FPS’) The crucible online element makes it feel like you’re playing COD online (back when it was good)

4) This is genuinely the first game that I have seen that fully utilizes next generation. The graphics are so intense and incredibly detailed, running so smoothly the game takes your breath away quite literally even in the first 10 seconds. I have never seen a more innovative menu and selection system, class and upgrade system, hell even the pause menu is insane.

This game has honestly made a few things happen to me: I no longer regret buying an Xbox One, I am truly, truly excited about the future of next gen gaming and I no longer fear for the gaming industry or for Bungie’s future as an independent country. I will most likely be making a Review episode on this so stay tuned!

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#AppleLive – Is Apple losing it’s true innovation?


It doesn’t matter if you love them or hate them. They revolutionised the computer, tablet, phone and music industries. But for the past 4 years, they haven’t been on par.
Their computers haven’t seen as much attention for quite a while. A few basic updates, mainly to fit the styles of their phone and tablet devices. Mac OS X has been the main system since March 21st 2001. Yes, I know they have updates, I know they are new OS’s but they haven’t done a complete rebrand or overhaul on the design of the system. Microsoft has. Ubuntu has. They seek to improve and I’m not saying Mac OS X is broken but it’s certainly not fluid.

I have no fault with their Tablet or Phone devices. They keep working and redesigning but they need to stop relying on it and making too many devices with too many names. This was their problem in the 80′s and early 90′s.


Apple will not go away, big companies like this don’t disappear. But with the introduction of a $350 Watch that needs an iPhone to go with it is ridiculous. It’s like the Zune, you’ll hear about it, but you’ll hardly see people own one. Also, everyone thought it was going to be iWatch but instead it’s Apple Watch.

Their conference stated a new iOS coming soon. Which is to be expected with a new iPhone. Along with came the announcement of iPhone 6 Plus. (Does that mean we’ll see iPhone 6S and 6S Plus next year? Are we seeing more Nintendo 3DS names?)

They’ve added WiFi calling which was cool and a new barometer which has better readings on people who like stairs.

All in all with this “APPLE WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU” blog post. I know that the company will still be profitable and earn balls deep amount of money but from a company that states “Think Different” they sure think the same as Samsung, Google and the rest of the industry right now.

Get back to what was great and made me fall in love with you in the first place, be innovative.  Think Different.

(also, get better security, people want safe nude storage kthxbai.)

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Doctor Who | Series 8 | Deep Breath

Okay let me start this off by saying that I have personally always despised Doctor Who since Moffat became the writer, therefore I didn’t care for any of the Matt Smith episodes (and even then, some of the Tennant ones were shit), so all the opinions I express here are my own and do not reflect the views of my colleagues (echem, RJ)

Let’s begin by analyzing all the different elements of Doctor Who that make this show, well, Doctor Who.

The new Doctor! There’s no better way to start than with one of the most talked about things on television over the last couple of months, apart from maybe the Great British Bake Off. Peter Capaldi played an absolutely brilliant Doctor in this episode, granted at the beginning of the episode he still had quite a lot of Matt Smith about him, but it’s understandable seeing as he has just come out of regeneration. Later on in the episode however, especially after him and Clara got taken down into the bottom of the restaurant, he became something completely different, a Doctor that was all know and love, an absolutely superb mixture between Christopher Eccelston and David Tennant, he has the mild and manageable quirkiness of Tennant without becoming basically a living gimmick, like Smith. But then he also has a part of him that I’ve really missed from the Doctor, a dark side, the side that Christopher brought into the series so perfectly. In the crescendo of the episode, the Doctor is faced with the choice of whether to kill an alien or lose human lives, and whether he kills him or forces him to commit suicide, either way, the alien ends up impaled on Big Ben in a rather gothic and dark fashion, and the Doctor is left with an evil glare on his face. I LOVE THAT. It’s about time they brought back a little bit of the realism that Doctor Who once had. One of the biggest reasons the Smith episodes were so horribly written was because they focused on this idea of the Doctor being a pacifist so much they had to find easier ways around enemies, often ending up in lazy writing. I see hope for Capaldi, I really do.

A quick one, the new opening sequence was so bad, I like the design of it but the audio was so painful, it peaked so much and was just ugh no. But it’s not essential so eh.

Another quick one, the new design of the TARDIS, it’s not really that important to the story but hm, I didn’t really like it that much, but I think that’s just because I still miss the 9th and 10th TARDIS, be still my beating heart.

The writing and the plot of this episode were, well, actually not that bad. With Moffat still being the lead writer I thought it was just going to become another shit storm like the previous series’ but he genuinely did surprise me here, I’ll start with the criticisms first. The jokes and puns in this episode were horrible and completely unfunny, I didn’t even crack a smirk. Bringing more dinosaurs into it, really? The dinosaur wasn’t even a plot point, it was literally just a way to introduce the new Doctor in a way that I suppose they thought was “cool” and “random”. The damn thing doesn’t even make it to 10 minutes in before being burned to the ground, which is completely unrealistic you can’t just burn a T-rex to death, it’s not an old sofa. It feels like they were just rushing for a plot driver, and chucked a dinosaur in. The scene when they’re strapped to the chairs in the basement and they are just /that/ lucky to be able to flick the Sonic Screwdriver out of his pocket, onto the floor and for Clara to be lucky enough to kick it up right onto his lap so he could untie himself, nah I didn’t like that at all, just a quick fix out of a problem.

Now the good aspects, the whole not breathing aspect of the episode was quite interesting, the actors and cinematographers really did a good job at showing the anguish that is caused by not breathing for so long and it really shows. The way that Clara gets out of being ambushed is actually an acceptable and realistic way, she had backup and it was ready to go the whole time, it wasn’t brought about by, I don’t know, a child’s wish or something that they would normally do. The little dialogue between the clockwork robot and the Doctor in the crescendo was truly heartfelt and you could tell that the Doctor meant every single threat he doled out. The actual ending itself  was really good. The bad guy died, and the new Doctor is shown for who he really is, it was realistic and it had some solid substance to it. Even though I didn’t enjoy seeing Matt Smith back at all, I still think the call to the future was a genuinely good thing, because Clara is clearly just a bitch who only cared about how the Doctor looked, so obviously she had an issue with the way he looks now, but the call settled it so that was good. Although I’d like to add that if there is even a hint of romance between Capaldi and Clara, I am O U T.

Finally, as a video-maker this one really annoyed me, the cinematography and special effects were absolutely horrible, I saw at least 3 shots that were out of focus, and the SFX looked like they came from the 90s, at the beginning I genuinely thought I had switched over and started watching an old episode of Walking With Dinosaurs.

[My 2 nitpicks] When the clockwork robot was trying to kill Clara and the Doctor, why did he keep trying to smack them with his hand? He had a fucking flame thrower that can apparently take down a T-rex, use it, bitch. Secondly, when the clockwork robot completely ripped that poor guys eyes out of his head, how did no one on the street fucking see him do that? In the opening shot of that scene there’s like 10 people on that street.

That’s about it for my thoughts on that episode. I really hope the series continues like this, because this episode truly felt like I was watching the good old Doctor that I know and love.

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UNREAL ENGINE 4 + Windows 9!

Within the last day or two a few things have come out about the new Unreal Engine and the newest version of the Windows. Here is a little bit on that.

Firstly let’s talk about the newest breed of gaming graphics, the Unreal Engine has been used to make some of the most incredible games we all know and love, games such as; The Bioshock Trilogy, Killing Floor, The Batman Arkham games, Mortal Kombat 9 and is being used for the hotly anticipated Mortal Kombat X, all the Borderlands games. Honestly, there are THOUSANDS more games that it was used for,  all of which can be found here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Unreal_Engine_games

However, recently the newest version of the Engine, Unreal Engine 4 has been utilized to its maximum capacity and has been used to make some of the most incredible and stunning near-perfect in game worlds imaginable, a few test runs have been made for them and you can watch them and have your jaw dropped by them here:

Seriously? If this is what’s coming for the world of gaming, then where’s my time travel machine because I need it now.

Secondly, Microsoft have announced that the newest version of their flagship operating system, Windows, will be releasing before September 30th, there haven’t been many things shown about it but from what I can tell, it looks even worse than Windows 8, and that’s saying something. #Windows7TillTheDayIDie

Thank you very much for reading, I hope you’re as excited for the future of gaming as I am.

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Steam Sale Wrap-Up!

Okay so anyone who takes even the mildest interest in gaming knows that recently there has been a sale on Steam. The sale lasted from the 19th of June up to the 30th and in my opinion, it was the best Steam Sale yet, and here’s why.

Recently there has been a massive boom in incredible Indie titles and early access games coming to the Steam store and this sale gave them an amazing opportunity to be shown off and for the companies that make them to really expand, one of the most significant of this sale being BattleBlock Theater, undoubtedly one of the most entertaining games I have played in a long time, BBT was being sold for approximately £2 which is absolutely insane. I didn’t even buy my copy of it as RJ graciously bought me it and gifted it to me, isn’t he a sweetheart?

The Daily Deals and Flash Deals were always incredibly good with most titles reaching 75% off at the least, which is totally crazy. The biggest deal for me was on the very first day when Far Cry 3 was being sold for £3.75, THAT IS INSANE. Needless to say I snatched that deal up as quickly as I could. Some of the biggest deals of the sale that I noticed were:

LA Noire at 80% off

Far Cry 3 at 75% off

All the Civilisation games plus all DLC for like £10

Shadow Warrior at 75% off

BioShock Infinite at 75% off

Borderlands 2 + All DLC at like £4

Of course only very few of the Call Of Duty games were on sale because Activision just love their money, but the only 2 that went on sale were only 50% off so there was no surprise there.

After a long few weeks of wallet rape, the very last day of the sale came around and we all waited with bated breath to see if they’d pull anything insane out of the bag, and god damn did they ever. They brought back pretty much every single Daily Deal there had been for the last 3 weeks, almost every single game that had been on sale was back up the top for a whole 24 hours, that was like 30+ games and it sent Steam users into a frenzy of purchasing. One of my friends had bought 68 games throughout the whole sale, I mean, damn.

Overall I would say it has been one of the best Steam sales we’ve seen for a while, I made a lot of great purchases that I do not regret one bit and I’m sure everybody else did too. Now we just wait for the Winter Sale.

Oh, and one last thing,



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